• Soft pastel on canvas soft pastel on canvas-Special Merit Award for figurative category in the light ,space 0nline gallery.
  • Contemplative-Soft pastel and charcoal on black paper    
  • commissioned work -36"x24"- mixed media-sold
  • Scarface-(24"x 24")x3-mixed media
  • Peoples choice award 2011 city of swan western australia-30"x30"-mixed media
  • Commissioned work- 30"x30"-mixed media-sold
  • Contemplate-soft pastel on painted canvas panel
  • untitle seriese-22"x 18"mixed media
  • Untitle seriese-24"x 15"mixed media
  • Untitle seriese-22"x 18"mixed media
  • Untitle seriese-24"x 15"mixed media  

    Terracota clay sculpture bisque fired

  • The outer crib sculpured with white clay and fiber painted with acrylics (figuers not included)

  • 2BB52647-B24A-4517-A28B-CA98969F5584

    1st place in Mixed media Portrait category at the Canning Show 2017/Awarded mixed media champion, Also won the Peoples choice award 2017 Canning Arts Award earlier that year.